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Chapter 2: The Russian Connection

2-35 - Cutting It Close

2-35 - Cutting It Close

Cutting It Close

Darke actually provided an explanation as to the awesome glare emitted from the DURPS, one that I've since made canon:

"Fortunately for the Docs, the DURPS was fitted with a Flaring Action Repulsing Tactical System (FARTS) which creates a blinding flash of light when it materialises to prevent accidental collisions or intrusions into the area immediately surrounding the DURPS, thereby reducing the risk of further deforming the fabric of space-time. This initially was a standard feature on all DURPS models, but due to increased disruption to the space-time continuum (blinded Zeppelin pilots tend to crash), this was later reduced to an emergency optional feature..." -- Extract from Dimensional Universal Relocation Progression: A Short History of Inter-Dimensional Travel.

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