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0-01 - Ralph's Explosive Exit

0-01 - Ralph's Explosive Exit

Ralph's Explosive Exit

Always start with an explosion, that's what I say!

In this page Ralph is breaking into Loone's Lab and he's being chased by Bigge Bone Edd (or "Eddy" as he prefers). Both are from the Right Brothers, a comic strip I work on with Sam (I write it, she makes it pretty on paper).

There's a funny story here about Eddy. I devised the character years ago when I was a kid, and for years I've drawn him as clean-shaven with a shaved head with a much larger-brimmed hat. Then, after I'd drawn out this page, I remembered Sam had redesigned him so I had to "fix it in post" (i.e. fix the cock-up after I'd done most of the page). I've given him a rambo-style camo vest over his tuxedo because that's how I used to draw him, but he should actually be wearing a bulletproof vest as per the redesign!