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0-02 - Gyrode's Imposing Entrance

0-02 - Gyrode's Imposing Entrance

Gyrode's Imposing Entrance

That's how you make an entrance!

Gyrode has always had a battlesuit since I first ripped off Dr. Robot-er, I mean, since I first designed him. It was the same colours as the Deathbot (version 1.0) and was a lot more patchwork, but I figured now was a good time to redesign and actually use the damn thing. I didn't honestly mean for Gyrode's battlesuit to come out appearing like somewhere between Deathbot and the DeathAngel, it just sort of happened! I originally intended to make it black with red highlights, but it didn't look communist enough (a common problem with a lot of things, I'm sure you'll agree).