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Chapter 2: The Russian Connection

2-39 - Harvey Hauptmann, Man on the Case

2-39 - Harvey Hauptmann, Man on the Case

Harvey Hauptmann, Man on the Case

Natalia's along for the ride! Darke kindly gave his consent to lend her to the Reality Police for the duration of the story.

For the record, I stole Natalia's photo ID picture from this lovely image by Darke. I'd like to say it's entirely that I like the picture, but it's partially laziness on my part! Although, maybe she misunderstood "formal picture" to mean "picture in which you wear a formal dress".

It transpires that "Hauptmann" in German translates to "Captain" or "Head Man", which I never honestly realised. I just went with the name as it sounds commanding! My brain scares me sometimes.

Natalia, GRACE and VIRTUE copyright © DarkeAngel.