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Chapter 2: The Russian Connection

2-42 - Worth All the Effort After All

2-42 - Worth All the Effort After All

Worth All the Effort After All

I have no idea what that device is that Ralph is using. A combination X-ray/molecular analyser device?

I'd like to give a massive thank you to DarkeAngel for all his time and effort - what started as a fairly straightforward "20-page outline" quickly blew up into sheer awesomeness (no hyperbole). In particular, whenever an action sequence appeared Darke would give it the full Hollywood treatment. I actually feel a bit guilty as he showed up a lot of my efforts with his pages!

If you have a deviantART account, please go and follow Darke as he outputs some wonderful stuff. I really like his Box Man strips in particular and there's a noir-esque project he has on the side that's quite intriguing.