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Chapter 3: No Business Like the Toy Business

3-02 - Reverse Dramatic Irony

3-02 - Reverse Dramatic Irony

Reverse Dramatic Irony

So I'm uploading this page to the internet when I'm suddenly hit with the realisation that it's actually completely pointless*.

Ralph and Gyrode are talking about something on a list that Ralph has written (a list that the reader cannot see) without mentioning at all what the thing on the list is. This is a page entirely of Ralph going "I know something that you don't!" and Gyrode being all "I know an element of what you want, but there isn't anyone else here so they won't be upset if I really draw out my sentences about what you've just shown me".

The thing is, you already know that there's going to be a horror theme to this chapter and who they are going to visit because of the previous page. I admit that this oversight was probably because I didn't foresee a title card when I wrote the script, but I almost deifnitely could have trimmed this page out entirely.

However, you don't know what the thing is on the list or why Gyrode is so horrified. It appears that when the audience/reader knows something the character does not, it is "dramatic irony". I could not find a term for the opposite, hence the title of this page.

Basically I am not sure why I made this page. Move along!

*No, not the futility of life or this story, you horrible little person!