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Chapter 3: No Business Like the Toy Business

3-01 - Tales of Innsmouth

3-01 - Tales of Innsmouth

Tales of Innsmouth

I have known the mysterious but awesome entity that calls himself "Jazon19" for a bloody long time now (9 years at the time of writing). We met on deviantART; he liked my picture of Evil Dead's Ash Williams fighting the Joker from Batman. I liked his response picture. It went from there.

There was the time we discussed who was the bigger bastard - Spider Jerusalem from Warren Ellis' Transmetropolitan or Todd McFarlane's Spawn. I contended it was Spider, and he reassured me that it was Spawn.

We've done a number of pictures for each other over the years, and I recently felt like revisiting the first picture that kindled the friendship and give it a nice glossy sheen.

Jason's a really nice bloke and a good friend, so it was a no-brainer to collaborate with him. He prefers doing art that isn't sequential, so his contribution came in the form of script tweaking and one-off panels.

He unfortunately missed out on Steel Nation, but created a character called Joshua Waite to watch from the sidelines. Waite turned up during Steel Nation to hassle the two doctors, and Steel Nation ended with a climactic fight between the three doctors (in some of the best comics I've ever drawn, I think). It was epic, you should read it sometime.

This is a sequel of sorts to that confrontation, and it's been a delight and pleasure to revisit Dr. Waite and work with my buddy. Jazon has opted to allow me to upload his pages to my deviantART account, but you really should check out his dA account - he is a wonderfully talented guy.

This page was drawn and coloured by him, and we were both on the same wavelength in making this look like a pulp magazine cover!

Dr. Joshua Waite copyright © Jazon19.