The Year in Blogs: 2016 (Also 2017 Blogging Plans!)

While 2015 did its best to cause turmoil in my personal life, 2016 has left the world on a bit of a knife edge economically, politically and culturally.

I’m afraid I don’t have any answers for the things that happened this year. I’ve been as worried and scared about the state of the world as the rest of you, so all I can offer is reassurance that if you are anxious then just remember that there’s a lot of people out there in the same state of mind; we’re all in the same boat1.

It turns out that my decision to give blogging a miss this year was well-timed, given all the strife in the world. On a personal level it’s actually been a pretty great year for me as I am now a home-owner2 and have a marriage on the horizon for within the next few months. While I’ve been away from the blog I have genuinely been working on a few personal projects and hope to reveal some of them soon.

With that said, this year’s entry to “The Year in Blogs” is a little sparse. However, my OCD demands that I create an entry for 2016 and so here it is! At the end of this post I’ll also make a few comments on 2017.

Ten Years in the Making – the Mediocre Origins of Detulux Incorporated (Part 3) – 25/01

The final part of the Detulux Inc retrospective, in which we finally get to the good art! Spoilers: the good art isn’t by me.

Home Is Where the Heart Is (but Mine Will Forever Belong to Another) – 14/02

A big gushy post aimed at my beloved Sam celebrating us moving in to our new home. Also something about losing one’s “sense of self”.

A Year Without Blogging – ALL DAMN YEAR!

It was pretty much a public service announcement. I made it in January and then caved to write the Valentine’s day post so the announcement moved.

Going forward in 2017…

2014 was pretty bad. 2015 was worse. 2016 was a write-off. I’m not expecting much for 2017!

That said, I would like to get some content back up on my various blogs again so I am going to endeavour to publish something once a month3. If people can find distraction in my writings then at least I’ve achieved something.

  1. I’ll admit that I had a lot of panic that was building to a sort of emotional crescendo (possibly some sort of minor nervous breakdown). I started writing a blog about it – one that will probably never be uploaded – in an attempt of self-therapy to diffuse my own panic…which actually just exacerbated things. What actually worked was a tipsy night of conversation with my loving other half, so if I’m going to offer any advice I can only suggest that if you are worried about the world then talk it through with someone you trust.
  2. The term, it turns out, is actually very misleading. “Home-owner” applies to anyone paying a mortgage which isn’t actually a million miles away from paying rent – if I stop paying mortgage then a bank steps in and takes my house away, much like a landlord can kick you out for not paying rent. The economic benefits of owning your own home are much greater though! Also I can hang as much gumpf as I like on the walls and nobody can stop me.
  3. I know how bad I am at keeping to a self-imposed deadline. I also don’t want to get back to the point where I need a year long break just to get away from blogging! This is supposed to be fun, damn it!

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