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21 - Round 5 (vs. Mister December), Part 4 - Where the Story Really Begins

21 - Round 5 (vs. Mister December), Part 4 - Where the Story Really Begins

Round 5 (vs. Mister December), Part 4 - Where the Story Really Begins



Here's where I started tying random plot threads into a massive conspiracy in order to not only give the Derby some tension, but also a reason for the Docs to win!

I wish I could claim they were all "part of the plan", but the pieces just happened to slot together in my head when round 5 came around.

Hatchet's transformation was something that happened in PepperoniDeluxe's round 4, but since that never happened I thought I'd make it happen here. That shows Mr. Sexy for bossing people around! Actually no, it doesn't justify tentacle face-rape at all, but then I laughed at Mr. Mercer's death in the third Pirates of the Carribean film so that says a lot about me.

Just like in Steel Nation, the Docs go the extra mile with an upgraded version of their vehicle that's nothing like their old one. This one was also a lot more expressive than the van they had been driving around in!

Random fact: the title is a reference to an episode of the Goon Show (a little bit of Googling reveals it to be Dishonoured). One of the running gags that episode was where the characters would randomly say "And here's where the story really starts, folks" right up until the end of the episode. A little indulgent in-joke on my part (as I'm the only person who'd ever get it!).



I can talk about the continuity mess here.

At the end of Mister's first round, his Dad, Cyan, had sexy times with a wasted Crow. Mister's entry lost that round so that never actually happened. When Mister was invited back to fill in the gap left by the double forfeit, Ashley continued Mister's story as though it had happened with Cyan complaining that Crow stole his clothes, leaving him to roam the garage naked. I attempted to fill this continuity gap by having Cyan show up during one of Crow's flashbacks. It's also why I've been drawing her with a jacket tied around her waist.