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Key Characters

This document details several important and recurring characters who appear in the Tales of Sin.

The Mercenaries

A trio of unlikely comrades and the focus of the Mercenaries’ Tale, each merc is a feared criminal in their own right. The mercenaries consist of…

Doug McCracken

Doug McCracken’s file photo that’s stored on record with the City of Light Police Department. It’s the only usable one as he refused to put his trousers back on in the others that were taken.

Doug McCracken

If you were to collate together the responses people would give when asked what they think about Doug McCracken having met him, there would be a pattern. You would be able to distil the tone of the responses (and more often than not match them 100%) to five little words: “he is a complete bastard“.

Wanted for several counts of murder, manslaughter, assault, arson, reckless endangerment, petty theft, impersonating a priest, indecent exposure, public urination and over a thousand unpaid parking tickets, Doug approaches life with a carefree spring in his step, especially if that spring launches his foot into someone’s crotch. Notable are his booming, distinct laugh and the scar across his face. Doug likes a good scrap, a good drink and doing a good job well done.

A boyish rogue, Doug was raised in a brothel and joined the Planetary Special Forces at a young age. Losing his left arm in the infamous Battle of Jehoth IV against the Warlord Kraken, Doug temporarily became a taxi driver before finding his calling applying his various unscrupulous skills, new bionic arm and craving for violence in exchange for money on a contract-by-contract basis.

Outwardly, Doug is a joker. However, look far enough below the surface and you’ll find a history of trauma and tragedy he tries to keep locked away…

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An enhanced still taken from a security camera positioned near the Carruthers Bros. luxury hotel in the City of Light, taken shortly before a prominent Salmanic Inc. official was assassinated.


“Blaise” is the chosen alias for Kate O’Donnell, an expert marksman wanted for many counts of murder, robbery and arson. Her past is the most mysterious of the trio of mercs, and she plays her cards close to her chest. Not fond of strangers or other people in general, she has a stony demeanour that implies some past event (or several) caused her to develop such a dour outlook with her fellow man.

Blaise’s cool-headedness matches her skills, in her ability to coldly gun down opponents with unerring and unflinching accuracy. She utilises a pair of weathered custom pistols and a curious multi-purpose gun of unknown origin which can be altered to function as a shotgun, rifle or automatic machine-gun.

Despite her hardness, Blaise is the de facto leader of the mercenaries, often reigning in the other two to work together. Gratin regards her with a mutual respect, while Doug often needs her help in keeping him out of trouble. Without Blaise, the group would probably fall apart.

One fact is clear – she harbours a grudge against Salmanic Incorporated and remains suspicious and cynical about them, with good reason…

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Image uploaded to ImageWeb Feed Network by user StreetGhost55X as part of their “Street Life” realist photography series. They called this one “Fear of the Unusual”. Notable for the reams of anti-Darkworlder comments the image generated.


Gratin is the name this man chooses to be known as, and little more is known about him aside from his immense talent for utilising powerful fire magic. He chooses to remain fully robed and partially masked, and he never speaks of his past – indeed, it is unknown whether he knows much of himself.

One of the more popular rumours circling the mage is his planet of origin. Given the full blackness of what little skin can be seen on his person, it’s been inferred that he’s a Darkworlder, which puts him in a curious position given the tense attitudes to the Dark Planet at the time the mercs were active.

The only abhuman of the mercenary trio, Gratin plays both a formidable offensive and defensive role. He can tackle any of the bigger threats the mercs encounter, or provide support magic in the form of magical fields to protect his comrades. All of his utilised magic burns with a distinctive and unusual emerald hue.

Gratin spends a lot of his free time meditating, usually several inches off of the ground with his legs crossed. He’s also picked up a taste for beer, not surprising given the people he associates himself with.

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Salmanic Incorporated

The most powerful organisation on Lusinia, Salmanic Inc. provides power to the entire planet and plays a major role in the running of the City of Light, mostly from behind the scenes.

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Silverton Salmanic

One of the banner advertisements for Salmanic Inc. featuring the likeness of Silverton supporting their campaign for “a better Lusinia”. Described by cynics as “propaganda” given how they have the monopoly on supplying power.

Silverton Salmanic

Silverton is the current CEO of the company that has been run by his family for decades. He became the head of the organisation at a young age when his parents both died in mysterious circumstances, both within weeks of each other (one was a skiing accident, another was an unfortunate poisoning).

A gaunt, stern figure, Silverton’s only interests lie within maintaining his company’s grip on the planet – something that is threatened when outside forces conspire to start taking out the massive pipelines that deliver power across Lusinia. Silverton’s plan is to employ mercenaries to deal with the affair.

A man who doesn’t suffer fools lightly and doesn’t leave loose ends lying around, the question remains as to how he’ll honour the bounty put out on the ones responsible for threatening his company’s position…

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The Dalminetti Mafia

A footnote in the history of crime in the City of Light, the Dalminetti Mafia were neither the biggest or the smallest organised criminal fraternity operating in the city. Their operation as a group was halted following two encounters with the Mercenaries: the novelty lighter incident, and the Dalminetti airship massacre.

“Average” Joe Vekowski

Joe was one of “the Old Boys”, members of the Dalminetti Mafia who had lasted longer than the usual expected lifespan of a Dalminetti goon, the expected lifespan being about three months. He was a notably scruffy and unkempt individual, opting for cheap clothing. Joe held a reluctance to associate too much with other members of the mafia, the only members he held any acquaintance with being Alfie Cartwright and Fingers Malloy.

The destruction of the mafia meant a long sought-for way out for Joe, who took the opportunity to follow up a notion that he would enjoy a career in professional assassination as a hired hitman.



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